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About Us


Howe Academics Plus is a safe, rigorous, and innovative school in which collaboration and celebration are the center of learning. All stakeholders participate in empowering student voice in order to help them grow into productive leaders of the future.


Our mission is to provide a learning environment designed to empower all students to find success academically and socially.  We will cultivate an environment that provides a consistent, clear understanding of what students need to learn.  Students will learn to take on sense of responsibility for their own learning.  In addition, we will actively engage in maintaining and creating new school partnerships with all stakeholders in the educational process of our children.


Our central purpose is to create an intellectual climate, ensuring that all students are challenged to meet and exceed high expectations in all subject areas


All subject areas develop and nurture literacy and critical thinking skills


Researched-based information and data is what guides and drives our instruction so that children can make connections between learning and their lives


Our school community demonstrates mutual respect, tolerance, and caring by providing positive academic and extracurricular activities


Our school values recognition of our students, faculty, parents, and community for their talents and contributions


Last modified: September 7, 2017