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About Us

HOWE Vision

Howe Academics Plus will serve all students with the right to a great public school close to where they live. Howe will create a safe, rigorous, and innovative learning environment with high expectations, collaboration, and recognition at the center of our work together. All stakeholders participate in empowering student voice in order to help them grow into lifelong learners and the next leaders of our world.


HOWE Mission

The Mission of Howe Academics Plus is to provide a learning environment designed to empower all students to become the very best version of themselves by finding success academically and socially. We will cultivate an environment that provides a consistent, clear understanding of what students need to learn. Students will take responsibility and ownership of their learning through opportunities for leadership and high level cognition in the classroom. In addition, we will actively engage in obtaining and maintaining partnership with all stakeholders in the educational process of our children.

Last modified: August 21, 2018